Monday, 19 February 2018

Planes and things

Our last outing was to the National Transport and Toy Museum. We wandered about looking at things for a couple of hours.

Bryony was particularly taken with the huge dollshouses.
Eva and Petra were very keen on the Sylvanian display

There were lots of vehicles

This one was called  "Rocket Man" but had no further explanation

Motorised wheelbarrow

This one inspired a bit of nostalgia

And some were just plain ugly

 There was a skydiving landing place just up the road

 but I think the favourite of most people was the anti-aircraft gun which could be raised/lowered and rotated.

 And of course the pedal cars

At night, and when we left the camp, we smoothed out the dust dug up beside a rabbit hole in the middle of our camp in the hope of finding footprints

Sparrow footprints

Rabbit and hedgehog prints
On Saturday morning we packed up and headed home to showers and comfy beds.  On the whole it was a very good holiday :)

Climbing Mt Iron

The next day we climbed Mt Iron.  We started as early as we could because the forecast was for a very hot day.  It was meant to be an hour up and an hour down but it didn't take that long for the older kids.  There were great views from the top.

After lunch it was just toooo hot for anything so we went over to Lake Hawea and had a swim.  We had it pretty much to ourselves. 

Sightseeing in Wanaka

On our third day, Wednesday, we took the family to Puzzling World. 

It was excellent and the kids enjoyed themselves.  We had a look around the Illusions Gallery first.

Eva rolling uphill

Then we did the maze.  Petra, Eva and I did the Classic Challenge - to find all the towers in no particular order, while David and the rest did the harder one, of finding the towers in a particular order.

We finished at about the same time then tried out some of the puzzles.
I went back in the afternoon with Andrew and Eva while David was shopping because they wanted to have another look.  It was a great day out.