Saturday, 11 October 2014


Yesterday we started taking the linings off the kitchen walls, in order to get them straightened out before the new kitchen arrives.  The kids were enthusiastic about ripping off gib board.  There was a mixture of Gib, plasterboard and plywood.  Behind the plywood (below the window) was tongue and groove, and behind that were some old pipes.  According to the plans, the kitchen sink used to be there.  We tacked the plywood back onto the wall because there was a wicked draught coming up from under the house.
Above the dining-room doorway there was some interesting joinery.
Some of these bits of wood aren't actually doing anything at all.  The left-hand end of the beam above the door sticks out about 8mm from the rest of the framing, which is why there was a bulge in the wall there.
Apparently if you run out of underlay, newspaper works just as well.
Interesting lino

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