Sunday, 16 November 2014

Nearly there

This was written on one of the cupboards we pulled out of the kitchen...

We've packed the kids off for a holiday with Grandma so as to get a good run at the kitchen.  Last week we stapled in the building paper and packed the wall with batts (or "Earthwool" as they call it - contains neither earth nor wool).

Over the last few days David and Dad have put the gib board, and some plywood, on the walls, and put a new layer of gib on the ceiling.

 Lifting 3m long sheets of 13mm gib up to ceiling height was a bit of an effort, but a lot easier with the frame Dad built, and the props to hold it up.

When we lifted the old lino we found a layer of grey fluffy cardboard stuff underneath, which we have nearly finished scraping off, then we'll put down a layer of hardboard.
So far, we're on target.  And really tired.  Can't wait until it's all done...

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