Thursday, 9 July 2015


We've been a bit sick lately.  I (Jean) spent most of the last week of term in bed with the flu.  Thankfully the kids are old enough to keep out of trouble.  Eva did find a couple of boxes of hand downs and probably tried on half of them (leaving them on her bedroom floor afterwards, of course), but that was no big deal.  The girls, especially Bryony, did a lot of meals. Everyone has had a touch of it, with sore throats, headaches and phlegm, but Daniel and Renee are the only ones who seem to have the actual flu - until a couple of days ago when David came down with it too.  He's had a couple of days off work and is not feeling that flash.  We've been playing a lot of boardgames and watching a few DVDs and generally taking it easy.  When it snowed a couple of days ago, Andrew was the only one who felt like going outside to play in it.  At least it's the holidays so there's no pressure to do anything except sit about and keep warm.

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