Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Spring Flowers

Hannah spent some of her hard-earned pocketmoney on flowers, specifically hyacinths, which are flowering now.  They look lovely, and Hannah can't wait until we get the back yard sorted out so that she can plant them properly.

 Bryony has also been growing bulbs.  She was pleased to see the pups she picked off her lilies are growing.

We're working on terracing the slope up the back.  Realistic economics has led to the decision to build our retaining walls from tyres, which are free at the local tyre shops.  All we need to do is drag them up the hill and do a lot of digging and filling.  We have been digging a trench for a few weeks now (part of our homeschooling!) but haven't made any headway on getting the tyres down as it seems to rain every weekend.  Once the first row is down and level the kids and I can work on the rest during the day.  The next job will be to find some trailing plants to cover it all up, and plant the fruit trees which arrived yesterday from Southernwoods nursery.  We have a couple of apricots, a prune plum and 2 cherries to go in up the back, as well as a Hetlina Apple to go onto the bottom end of our line of apple trees.

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