Monday, 9 November 2015

More garden

This aquilegia is my favourite flower out this week, this one came from Mum's garden.  She gave me four and they're all doing well, and look lovely.  Light blue one, below.

David has caught the chainsaw bug - he bought one earlier this year and finally had a chance to try it out this week, taking out a sick Rhododendron.  We wondered (briefly) if tender loving care might fix it but as it was my least favourite (pasty yellow) it got the chop.  Just as well too, looking at the stump.
Something nasty living in there...

Speaking of sick plants, I'm a bit concerned about my Stayman's Winesap Apple tree.  It has mildew on some of the new growth, not the end of the world, but I just noticed today there are brown spots on the leaves:

Arrgh! Pink fingertip disease too!  Oh well...

The rest of the trees look fine, apart from a wee bit of mildew here and there, and quite a few tiny wee apples :)

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