Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Since Christmas we've been pretty busy with birthdays - 4 in a row.
We had a joint birthday party for Petra, Eva and Daniel.  Bryony made Daniel's cake and Grandma made dolly cakes for Petra and Eva.

Dad and David worked on the side boundary where the bank was crumbling away under the neighbours' fence.  It's nice and tidy now, and one less thing to worry about.

New retaining wall

On the other side of the section we'd cut down a bit of the hedge, accidently leaving a big gap, so we took down most of the hedge there and put up shadecloth until our replacement plants grow.  We've gained a good metre or more down the side of the vege garden there.

Slightly wrecked hedge

I've planted ake akes and cranberry bushes, which will hopefully grow into a nice thick cranberry hedge.  Also a camellia to go with the one that's already there.

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