Sunday, 20 March 2016


Bryony has been taking lots of photos of the lovely flowers out just now.

Hannah grew the sunflowers, along the driveway.




Grandma Rutherford's dahlia

Mum's birthday dahlia (above) and one which we call "Free to a Good Home" below, destined to be dug out once it dies down


We've been getting loads of tiny tomatoes from the glasshouse.  I planted lots of Sweet 100's and some Red Russians and Purple Russians.  They're all doing well, as long as we water them daily.

We got 27 kg of apples from this tree but we had to pick them all in a hurry because the tree developed so pronounced a lean that it began to uproot itself.  We've propped it up, hopefully it will be ok.

                                                       The retaining wall is finished!
Grandad on the job trimming the back trees.

We don't really want to be able to see the neighbours' house - the trees will bush up again after a while.  We still have to top them.
The kids have helped dig a huge hole for a woodshed.

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