Thursday, 12 January 2017


It was Daniel's birthday on Thursday, but he was away at a camp so we postponed it until Saturday.  This makes 4 weekend parties in a row - Grandma's birthday, Christmas, Petra and Eva's birthday and now Daniel.
 The mustache came from camp.  Daniel's quite attached to it.
He got a big bucket of undercoat to paint his hideout, and Dad wired in some LED lighting.  We also gave him a bookshelf for it and levelled the floor a bit.

 and Bryony made a Kylo Ren cake
The icing was very black and gave some people tummy aches.  Later we discovered that one ingredient of the food colouring (Green S, E142)has been banned in some countries as unsafe.  Not in New Zealand though.  And the other two (tartrazine and azorubine) are on many lists as ones to avoid.  So no more black cakes.

 We went exploring, and discovered a local walk.

Nice to get some fresh air on a Sunday afternoon.

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