Sunday, 5 February 2017

Local exploring

To take everyone's mind off Sable we went for a walk to find the Caversham tunnel.  We had a map of local walks, but I must have put it somewhere safe because we couldn't find it today.
Anyway we managed to find the tunnel after going to where we thought it was, then consulting the internet which told us we were only a few metres from it but on the wrong side of the fence. Eventually, after retracing our steps a bit, we found it.
The temperature today got up to 30C or so but as we came up to the track leading down to the tunnel we could feel the cold air coming from it. Each end is open except for a locked gate so the wind blows through, cooling as it goes, very refreshing on such a hot humid day.

A resident
We could see the light from the other end but the camera couldn't

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