Sunday, 22 December 2013

The garden

The garden is looking quite nice just now.  Bryony took some beautiful photos
The californian poppies are my favourites this year - we haven't grown them for a few years but I got a mixed packet, and found them so easy to grow, and so lovely, we'll be putting them in again next year (or just letting them go to seed, that might work too).
My purple Hibiscus is doing well and looking beautiful
In the back garden the shallots are nearly ready, although the carrots and beetroot weren't a success.  The rabbits like the beetroot, we're been giving them one a week each, and Autumn looks like she's wearing blusher when she's finished hers.  Andrew's brassicas are doing ok, we've had a couple of good heads of broccoli from them.
The tomatoes are sick, I'm not sure if it's a disease or if the compost we got this year came with some kind of herbicide residue in it.  The tops have all curled up and the new growth looks terrible.

But the beans and corn look good.  This year we're growing blue hopi corn, for something different.

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