Friday, 3 January 2014

Bryony's Dolls house

Bryony's Dolls house
My dolls house is about 1 meter tall and has 8 rooms. I made it with Dad's help, then painted, wallpapered, carpeted and furnished it.

Next to it is Renee's dolls house (which has got some of my stuff in it anyway).

 It is about the same height and has 6 rooms. They are (at the moment) home to lots of sylvanians and cardboard Hobbit people.

1) The Sitting Room
Until about two weeks ago the sitting room was a very formal room 

but then the cardboard Hobbit people moved in which meant the whole of both dolls houses had to be redecorated.

Now it is a kind of elves' drawing room I think.

2) the kitchen
until about two weeks ago the kitchen was a kitchen

but now it is more like a bed room with food in it.

The food is made out of polymer clay and the floor is reed matting.

3) the girls' bedroom
Until about two weeks ago the girls' bedroom was a girls' bedroom.  It had a bunk bed and a chest of matchbox drawers.
Now it is a junk room.

4) The treasure room
This used to be a bedroom

now it is a treasure room.

The treasure consists of clay, tin foil, and any other small gold/silver things I could find.  There is no dragon...

5) the spare rooms
These two rooms are not really for anything.At the moment one is a bedroom

and the other a kind of dining room.

6) the attic
The attic is divided into two parts: the bathroom
and  a very spare bedroom.

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