Saturday, 1 March 2014

Exploring the bush

We went on a bush walk while we were at Mount Holdsworth (yes, only one - there weren't many walks short enough for a 3-year-old).
David, Hannah and Andrew went up to the Rocky Lookout where there was a good view of the valley.

 The rest of us were too small or too hot to climb straight up the side of a hill on a 30 C day. 

We found some beautiful ferns and things,

and a ginormous spider's web.

 The bush was very dry, many of the kidney ferns were blackened and crunchy.  I think this is a horopito/pepper tree but it doesn't have the usual holes in the leaves, maybe because it is young.  I wasn't game to bite it to find out.

There was also some fungi around, including this weird black fluffy stuff

And someone with a sense of humour had been past here

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