Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Creepy Crawlies

We didn't see as many birds as we expected while we were camping.  We see more birds in our backyard at home than we did at Mt Holdsworth, but that may be because they are used to humans.  Nine people stomping through the bush might be a bit scary for the local wildlife.

We were also surprised that nothing seemed to be eating the cicadas up there.  There were thousands of them and they were deafening.  Sometimes they even sang right through the night.

These were the noisy ones.  We camped beside a whole lot of gum trees, which they seem to love.
The boys had a lot of fun catching them.

 This is a different type
This looks like a giraffe weevil, he was huge

Renee found a stick insect - quite active.  Usually they play dead if you catch them but this one wouldn't stop moving
I found this weevil down the back of my T-shirt.  He was very prickly
Daniel found a dead huhu beetle
a couple of different-looking click beetles

and some grasshoppers

 This might be related to a tiger beetle

Renee found this beautiful moth which she has been trying to identify.  So far we've had no luck, any suggestions welcome

Daniel found this black beetle which went a bit mad if we put it on its back

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