Wednesday, 16 April 2014


So we are moving house.  The packing has started, even though we have probably 8 weeks at least until we move.  I've been dealing with the piles that form in corners when no one is looking, and have thrown out bags of rubbish, some to the Hospice shop, some to the dump.  We've listed quite a few things on Trademe, David is currently helping some people load up our 5 most budget bookshelves onto their trailer.  I bought them on Trademe and resold them for the same price so I'm happy about that. The people who bought them are pretty happy too.  We also sold our old yurt for the same price we bought it for on Trademe, maybe 6 years ago.  It sold in less than 24 hours, to some people who need it for temporary accommodation while they build 3 yurts to live in. Next challenge is to empty the wall unit and get rid of that...

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