Wednesday, 30 April 2014


We're definitely getting under way with the packing.  After getting an alarmingly high quote from a moving company we decided to sell as much furniture as possible and only take things that we need, or which are efficient use of space.  For example, the legs come off the kitchen table so it doesn't take up so much room.  We're also going to get more quotes.  One option is to register our load with Backload, an internet thing where companies with empty trucks can hook up with people who need things moved, to save an unpaying trip with an empty truck.

The sitting room has boxes piled all round the place and we've sold most of the bookshelves.  The wall unit is going (I put it on trademe for $1 reserve - it only cost us $6) and then we'll be able to make a large pile of boxes against the wall, out of the way.  The house hunt continues...

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