Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Eco Inn

This weekend we went out to the Eco Inn for a couple of nights, thanks to some generous friends of ours, Heather and Merv.  They came along too and we were able to share some time together before we leave in June.
The Eco Inn is pretty cool.  It is completely off-grid, with a whole lot of solar panels, at least 2 windmills and a water-powered turbine or 5 providing the electricity.  It's a back-packer's really but we had the hostel to ourselves (6 beds, sleeps 8 - Eva slept on squabs on the floor) and Heather and Merv had the cottage.

 The kids loved the pool table, and Andrew beat all comers at table soccer, with much giggling.

 They also had a few turns on the flying fox, and went for a spin on the "raft-bath" and the kayaks.

 We made pizza in the pizza oven, which was fun, and got to light the fire every morning to warm the place up (although it didn't really get cold overnight).

The decor was rustic, and reminded me of our old woolshed, but gave a nice friendly atmosphere.  The whole place was peaceful, and we had a welcome rest from thinking about real estate and shifting house.

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