Saturday, 31 May 2014

Recent discovery

The packing is still progressing.  We've almost gotten rid of everything we're not taking, just a fridge, a freezer, a computer desk and a few odds and ends (and lots of rubbish) to go.  I'm trying not to pack "mess to be sorted out later" but it is difficult.  There are quite a few things that don't really belong anywhere. We have found homes for 3 of the rabbit cages already, which will take the pressure off later.  Any spare time this week has been spent weighing, taping and labelling boxes.  I'm trying to make sure most of them are under 15kg by repacking the heaviest ones with some light stuff.  They are also numbered on all sides after Mum pointed out labelling them on the top is useless if they're stacked.  I must make sure I don't lose the master list, though, or the numbers will also be pointless!

Anyway, this week we discovered this (click here), which we thought was nice...

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