Sunday, 6 July 2014


David's last Sunday was on the 15th of June.  There was a potluck lunch after church and lots of people came, which was a relief as I had had a dream a few days before that only about 20 people showed up :P  The hall was decorated beautifully with baskets of bears, and in each basket was a bear with a flag saying farewell to someone in our family.

There were a few very moving speeches and we were given presents to remember Knox by - the kids got a lovely mug each and I got a beautiful book of Taranaki scenery.  David got a cheque from the congregation which went quite a long way towards helping with our moving costs.  It's hard saying goodbye to people you know you'll probably never see again.  I'm not sure when we'll get back to New Plymouth, but I imagine it won't be for quite a while.  I wish we'd been able to get a photo of our whole church family but we didn't think of it at the time.
 After church I lined the kids up on the deck and took a photo - we did it a few years ago and it's fun to see how they've grown.

On the evening of the 17th (our last night in Taranaki),  the Heys and the Neighbours took us out for tea to Marbles (a buffet restaurant).  It's a great place to take kids as they can choose what they want.  In Eva's case, that was about 3 soft-serve icecreams for dessert.  She got icecream all over the place!  She's still talking about Marbles, even though it was nearly 3 weeks ago now, she had such a nice time.  Wendy gave us all our bears from Sunday lunch, as something to remember New Plymouth by. It wasn't quite as hard saying goodbye this time because we know we'll see them again, something to look forward to.

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