Saturday, 12 July 2014

Moving in

We finally moved into our new house on Saturday the 28th and are settling in bit by bit.  There are still boxes everywhere but we're getting rid of them one at a time, as we organise new bookshelves, drawers, and cupboards.  There's not a great amount of storage here but I have picked up some bits of furniture from the local op-shops and second-hand merchants and we're getting it all under control.  There have been a few annoying things, like the shower head that was broken and taped up, and the patches of carpet nailed over holes, and the oven which was always heated to 50 C above the dial reading, even when the knob was turned off, but these are more than compensated for by the lovely ceiling mouldings,

the amazing view

and the great big section (1357sqm).  The back yard is pretty jungly,

but we have a mulcher and Dad has a chainsaw.

The girls have been having a go at it with the loppers, and coming back inside pink-cheeked and happy.  The air is cold and fresh after mild New Plymouth.  We're going to clear most of the shrubs and trees from the back yard, but we're leaving the Rhododendrons until we find out what colour they are.  There are 2 lovely pink ones flowering already.