Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Birthdays, hens and rabbits

It was Renee's birthday last week, with chocolate cake and pav.  We had a small birthday tea, with us and Grandma Anderson.  

 It was also David's birthday a few days later, so another chocolate cake and tea with Grandma Anderson.

Yesterday our hens arrived.  We've been planning to get hens ever since we arrived here, that was one of the reasons we looked for a larger section.  I found these 2 on Freecycle, very tame girls called Henny Penny and Half Penny (although we're not sure which is which), and they even came with a wee henhouse and a big bag of pellets.

This is not a hen.  This is a big Flemish Giant rabbit who has decided she likes our rabbits.  She showed up last month in our back yard, so we caught her and put her in our spare cage.  I managed to find her owner via facebook, and 3-4 weeks later she came and picked her up.  Three days later the rabbit reappeared in our back yard.  That was a couple of weeks ago and she still hasn't been picked up...  I decided not to catch her this time as she demolished the lawn, which we need for our own rabbits, so she's living on weeds and things and bits of apple/carrot the kids give her.  She's fairly tame and good-natured; Daniel got her to sit on his knee yesterday, and if you pat her she goes all floppy.

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