Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Science festival II

We had more Science Festival things on during the first week of the holidays.  Renee and Hannah went to a 4-morning workshop on animal ethics with 5 other kids, which they found interesting.
We went to Orokonui activities on bees, birds and frogs.

Daniel and Andrew had a "Dental Detectives" workshop which was very worthwhile, and we also went to the open day at the Botanic Gardens Propagation house, which I enjoyed.

The highlight was a trip to Olveston (for the first time) where the kids got to dress up, tour the house, then make butter.  That was the only trip we had to pay for and it was definitely worth it.

The Festival finished on Saturday the 16th with a day at the Otago Museum.  We went for the morning, not realising that most of the talks and activities started at 12:30.  So we missed them but on the other hand, just as we were leaving it started to get really crowded with hordes of people arriving. so at least we missed the crowds.

Infrared camera

Fluorescent paint

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