Saturday, 18 March 2017

Dyeing with coreopsis

While I was researching elderberry dye I came across several very interesting ideas for plants to use in dyeing.  One of these was coreopsis, which we conveniently have growing in the garden.
I picked about a cup full of the flowers, and put them in a pot and covered them with water and let them simmer for quarter of an hour.

 I left them to sit for a few hours,

then I simmered them again and strained out the liquid. I divided the dye into three parts,

 I added vinegar to one and it turned yellow, 

baking soda to the next which turned red,

 and left the last one plain, it was orange.

I dyed small pieces of sheep skin, suede with wool on one side and in doing learned something important; if you boil suede it goes hard and stiff and curls up.  It also does not change colour in dye.
I also tried dyeing with dandelion roots but the wool looked practically the same colour as before it was dyed.
 I dyed two bigger bits with the remaining dye.  The last piece was red and as you can see it is not as strong as the small red piece which was the first thing I dyed.

 by Bryony

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