Friday, 24 March 2017

More dyeing

 I read that lavender, rose petals and lemon juice makes pink dye and to my surprise it did, however when I added the wool it turned orange (I think the leather has some curing stuff in it that is yellow so I am now washing all my wool in the pasta pot.)
I added baking soda to try and change the colour and it frothed all over the place and then turned gold coloured.

 I also tried borage and cornflowers but got no colour at all ( at least no nice colour) and borage roots, brown.
 I then tried oak bark because the oak tree up the back is too healthy and has no galls on it at all. The bark made a nice dark brown dye.
 I dyed some wool in it but the brown was very light, so I left the wool to soak overnight.
It didn't get much darker though.

I then tried orange nasturtiums they made pink dye and the flowers turned yellow and the wool turned brown.
and some more coreopsis because I thought it didn't make brown, but it made a very brownish orange.
and lastly I made some dye out of elderberries.  It was green (because I added too much baking soda) but the wool didn't pick up much colour and ended up pale brownish green.

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