Thursday, 27 October 2016


Recently we went out the Akatore Creek with the cousins and found crabs by the dozen.  They have burrows in the mud out there.  There were lots under stones as well, this one was one of the biggest.

David had his chainsaw out this month and cut down a Lacebark (which has made room for an almond tree) and a Pittosporum which was competing with one of the apple trees.  He also took out Sauron's Plum Tree, as we have been calling it - look at those thorns.  It didn't produce anything much and was literally a real pain to prune whenever it grew out in front of the dining room window.  Just like Sauron, it'll probably grow back when we're not looking - but now it'll be easier to deal with, being much shorter (almost ground level).

It's also been funny hair-do season this week.  Andrew decided he wanted to have his hair slicked back for a new look, so has been wetting it down then wearing a hat to hold it down while it dries.  Doesn't stay down for long though.

And of course Eva joined in the fun and let Renee do her hair too

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