Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Lego Brick Show Dunedin

The other day we went to the Dunedin Lego brick show
the tower of orthanc

treebeard, gandalf and theoden 

edoras (in rohan)

Éowyn and grima wormtongue

the taj mahal

eiffel tower

a river

with a moose

the shrieking shack (from harry potter)

the Dunedin Railway Station

the millennium falcon

nexo knights

star wars force awakens

bag end (from the hobbit)

shelob (from lotr)

a motorised ferris wheel

lego rugby

starkiller base

kylo ren and rey

finn and chewbacca

poes x-wing

big bb-8

huge stardestroyer

tiny stardestroyer

very big truck

the tower of orthanc

with metalbeard on it

                       the millennium falcon 

helms deep and shelob


mines of moria

the corsairs of umbar

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